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Nature & forest suite

Rates & disponibility

The Nature and Forest Suites welcome you in a warm and luxurious ambiance, with the presence of noble materials used in their design, such as gold petal or herb shower walls, bird’s nest beds, water vapor fires, and tree roots. Their exceptional level of luxury offers a truly unique experience in prestigious suites. The exceptional “SAVOIR BED” bedding, crafted in an ancestral manner, promises a wonderful sleep. With a size ranging from 25 to 35 square meters, these rooms are perfect for couples seeking a relaxing moment in the soothing bubble bath and the tranquil and serene environment. Our new Nature and Forest Suites will welcome you in a warm and innovative ambiance, featuring two distinct atmospheres. The Nature suites offer lighter and neutral tones, while the Forest suites provide darker and cocooning tones. Each suite bears a different name, such as the Stags Suite, the Nature Reserve Suite, the Bayehon Suite, and more. You will discover regional wood, tree roots, open fires, custom-made beds tailored to each theme, ancestral tapestries, and much more.

Size from 25 to 35 m²
For maximum 2 people
Free wifi
XXL bed
Nature and forest atmosphere
Air conditioning
Massage bath
Sensation shower
Living room
Minibar (tea, coffee, soft drinks…)
Welcome tray (tea, coffee, water)
Service the Laundry

Frequently asked questions

If you wish to relax in a large bath, I recommend choosing from the Classic Suites, the Nature & Forest Suites, or the Top Suite. These room types usually offer spacious and luxurious bathing areas, such as deep soaking tubs or whirlpool baths, allowing you to fully unwind.

The rooms should be vacated by 11 AM for check-out. However, for an additional fee of 50€, you can choose a late check-out option and stay in the room until 1 PM.

The rooms are available from 3 PM for check-in. However, for an additional fee of 50€, you can opt for an early check-in and access the rooms from 1 PM.

All rooms have a minibar included or available for an additional fee, depending on the room type, except for the Classic Double Rooms which do not have a minibar.

All suites include bath sets. If not, they can be rented for an additional fee of 22€ per person.

Not all rooms have sufficient space for this. We recommend contacting our receptionists or choosing the Superior Double Room or the suites, which provide a comfortable space for this request.

The Classic Double Rooms and Superior Double Rooms do not have air conditioning, however, all other rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

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