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Yes, rest assured. All transactions are carried out in complete security using the latest technology.

The bathrobes we offer are one size fits all and are suitable for sizes ranging from XS to XL. However, for individuals wearing XXL or XXXL sizes, we recommend bringing your own bathrobe from home to ensure optimal comfort.

If the person accompanying you has not booked a treatment and would also like to have a bath set, you have two options. Firstly, if the bath set is included in the type of stay you have reserved, the person can avail it at no additional cost. However, if the bath set is not included, it can be rented for a fee of 22€ per person. You can contact our reception to arrange the rental of the bath set for the accompanying person. We ensure that all our guests feel well taken care of and can enjoy a relaxing and pleasant experience during their stay.

Absolutely, the bath set is included when you book a treatment in our wellness center. We aim to provide our guests with a complete relaxation and well-being experience, and the bath set is an integral part of that experience. You will be able to enjoy our bath set, which includes soft towels, comfortable slippers, and everything you need to freshen up after your treatment. We ensure that you feel fully taken care of and pampered during your visit to the wellness center.

During weekdays, access to the wellness center is offered starting from 139€ of treatments per person. This means that if you book treatments with a minimum value of 139€ per person, you will receive complimentary access to our wellness center for the day.

During weekends, access to the wellness center is offered starting from 199€ of treatments per person. By booking treatments with a minimum value of 199€ per person, you can enjoy free access to our wellness center for the day.

These offers allow you to combine a relaxing treatment experience with access to our well-being facilities. We encourage you to check our treatment menu to choose the treatments that best suit your needs and to book in advance to secure your spot in our wellness center.

Unfortunately, during weekends, public holidays, eve of public holidays, etc., access to the wellness center without a treatment reservation is not allowed. We require a minimum spend of 199€ per person to access the wellness facilities during these periods. This policy is in place to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience for all our guests by avoiding excessive overcrowding. We encourage you to book your treatments in advance to fully enjoy our wellness center during your visit on these special occasions.

Yes, you can visit the wellness center without booking any treatments. From Monday to Friday, we offer wellness access at a price of 50€ per person, which includes the use of the bath set. You can enjoy the facilities and the relaxing atmosphere of our wellness center without the obligation to book specific treatments. It’s a great option if you simply want to relax, rejuvenate, and experience the benefits of our well-being space.

At the wellness center, we offer a range of services for your well-being and relaxation. Our water area includes a heated indoor pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, various saunas at different temperatures, a steam room, an infrared cabin, and more facilities to rejuvenate your body and mind. You can enjoy a moment of total relaxation in this dedicated space for your well-being.

We also provide a silent area, featuring 8 treatment cabins where you can indulge in pampering treatments tailored to your needs. Additionally, you will find two relaxation areas with heated water beds, a salt wall, relaxation chairs, a tea lounge, and even an outdoor massage bubble. You can unwind in a serene and soothing environment, offering a true escape from daily stress.

Our beautiful 2500m² space, both indoors and outdoors, provides a sense of tranquility and well-being. You can take advantage of our treatment menu, which offers a comprehensive range of body and facial treatments performed by our qualified professionals.

Your dog is welcome in our establishment, but please note that he is only allowed to enter our brasserie. We invite you to visit the brasserie with your dog, where you can enjoy a delicious meal while having your companion by your side. For the comfort of all our guests, we kindly ask that dogs remain in the designated area of the brasserie. Thank you for your understanding.

Our breakfast consists of a varied buffet offering hot beverages, freshly baked pastries, bread, cold cuts, a selection of cheeses, yogurts, fruits, and many other delicious items. You can enjoy your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while choosing from the different options available. Additionally, we also offer a breakfast à la carte for an additional fee, providing customized dishes prepared to your taste. For more information and to view our à la carte breakfast menu, you can click on this link: [insert link here].

If you would like to enjoy a 3 or 5-course menu, I would recommend reserving a table at our restaurant. Our restaurant offers a gastronomic menu with options for 3 or 5 courses. You will have the opportunity to indulge in a refined dining experience, with carefully prepared dishes and elegant presentation. Our team of talented chefs will take you on a memorable culinary journey, highlighting flavors and seasonal ingredients. Reserve your table now and let yourself be delighted by our delicious menu.

If you have a tight budget, I would recommend trying our brasserie. We offer a selection of delicious dishes starting from just 15€ per person. You can enjoy tasty cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Our brasserie menu provides a variety of affordable options that will satisfy your taste buds without breaking the bank. We would be delighted to welcome you and provide you with an enjoyable dining experience at an affordable price.

Absolutely, it is highly recommended to make a reservation for dining. Due to high demand and to ensure you have a table, it is advisable to reserve your dining location and time when making your hotel reservation. This will allow us to better organize your dining experience and provide you with excellent service. Feel free to contact our reservation team or use our online reservation system to book your table.

We have three dining areas:
1. A breakfast room with a buffet where you can enjoy a variety of hot and cold dishes to start your day.
2. A French brasserie, where you can indulge in tasty dishes in a casual atmosphere.
3. A French restaurant, offering a refined dining experience with a selection of dishes prepared with high-quality ingredients.
Each dining area has its own style and offers different options to satisfy your culinary preferences. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we have everything to please your taste buds.

For all reservations involving more than 8 people, you can contact our sales department. You can send an email to the following address: sales@dhf.be. Our sales team will be happy to assist you in organizing your event, whether it’s a corporate meeting, a family celebration, or a wedding. We will guide you throughout the process to make your event a memorable occasion.

Absolutely! All our services and departments, including the restaurant, brasserie, and wellness center, are open to non-resident guests as well. You can make use of our facilities and dine with us even if you’re not staying at the hotel. We would be delighted to welcome you and provide you with an enjoyable experience, whether you’re a resident or an external guest.

Yes, we have an alpaca park on-site. You can discover and interact with our beautiful animals during special activities organized for guests. Feel free to inquire at our reception desk to learn more about the available activities.

Absolutely! We have charging stations for electric vehicles. The charging stations are located in our parking area and are available for a fee. This way, you can conveniently recharge your electric vehicle during your stay.

Yes, there is a fee of 3€ per stay for parking each vehicle. This charge ensures that you have a parking space available for your vehicle and contributes to the maintenance of our green areas and parking facilities. We prioritize the security of your vehicle and ensure that our outdoor spaces are well-maintained for your comfort.

The check-out time is 11 AM. However, if you wish to extend your stay, we offer a late check-out option for an additional fee of 50€, allowing you to stay in your room until 1 PM. This way, you can fully enjoy your stay until the very last moment.

You can enter the rooms from 3 PM for check-in. However, if you wish to arrive earlier, we offer an early check-in option for an additional fee of 50€, allowing you to access your room from 1 PM. This way, you can make the most of your stay right from the moment you arrive.

We offer several services to make your stay enjoyable. Here is an overview of the services we provide:
•70 comfortable rooms to meet your accommodation needs.
•Two dining spaces, a brasserie and a French restaurant, where you can indulge in delicious cuisine.
•An indoor and outdoor wellness center of 2500m², where you can relax and rejuvenate.
•Body and facial treatments to offer you moments of well-being and relaxation.
•Two outdoor terraces to enjoy the outdoors and the surrounding view.
•Wedding, event, and banquet halls to host special occasions.
We strive to provide you with a complete and memorable experience during your stay. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services or for any specific requests you may have.

Yes, we allow pets in certain Classic Double Rooms. There is an additional fee of 30€ to cover the extra cleaning costs upon your departure. Please note that not all rooms are pet-friendly, so it is important to specify your request when making the reservation.

If the room assigned to you doesn’t meet your preferences, you can go to the reception before 5:30 PM to request a room change or an upgrade. Please note that this will depend on the availability of rooms and upgrade options.

Certainly! Our room service is available from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. You can order a cocktail and a snack platter and enjoy them in the comfort of your room. Please note that there is an additional charge for the room service.

Certainly! Our room service is available from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. You can place your order and have your meals delivered directly to your room. Please note that there is an additional charge for the room service.

If you wish to relax in a large bath, I recommend choosing from the Classic Suites, the Nature & Forest Suites, or the Top Suite. These room types usually offer spacious and luxurious bathing areas, such as deep soaking tubs or whirlpool baths, allowing you to fully unwind.

The rooms should be vacated by 11 AM for check-out. However, for an additional fee of 50€, you can choose a late check-out option and stay in the room until 1 PM.

The rooms are available from 3 PM for check-in. However, for an additional fee of 50€, you can opt for an early check-in and access the rooms from 1 PM.

All rooms have a minibar included or available for an additional fee, depending on the room type, except for the Classic Double Rooms which do not have a minibar.

All suites include bath sets. If not, they can be rented for an additional fee of 22€ per person.

Not all rooms have sufficient space for this. We recommend contacting our receptionists or choosing the Superior Double Room or the suites, which provide a comfortable space for this request.

The Classic Double Rooms and Superior Double Rooms do not have air conditioning, however, all other rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

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