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Reinhardstein Castle

Discovery of Reinhardstein Castle

Nestled in the heart of the majestic landscapes of the Ardennes, Reinhardstein Castle stands as a living testimony to medieval history, offering visitors a unique cultural escape.

Introduction to archery : An ancestral experience

Try the adventure of archery, an ancestral art, supervised by passionate experts. For groups of 10 or more, this experience promises to sharpen concentration and precision in a historic setting.

Celebrate your events in historic rooms

Treat your guests to a reception fit for kings. Rooms steeped in history are at your disposal for unforgettable events, with an authentic medieval atmosphere.

A gourmet stop at the reception pavilion

After discovering the wonders of the castle, treat yourself to local delights. Cheese platters, cold meats to share or soup des manants, a unique specialty served in a hollowed-out bread. Be sure to book for this culinary adventure.

Visits and discoveries at the castle

Visits suitable for everyone

Whether you opt for a traditional visit, a school visit or a storytelling version, each route is designed to immerse you in the fascinating history of the castle.

Castle Museum : A treasure trove of history

Each object, painting and piece in the museum tells a chapter of the rich past of the castle and the Ardennes region.

The Reinhardstein experiment

Immersion in history

More than just a visit, Reinhardstein Castle invites you on a journey through time, offering you total immersion in a world of yesteryear, where legends, realities and historical anecdotes intertwine. As you walk through its rooms and corridors, you will feel the atmosphere of the time, touch the stories of past inhabitants and hear the murmur of echoes of a rich and fascinating past.

Activities for all

Whether you come with family, friends or a school group, Reinhardstein Castle promises an enriching experience for every visitor. With a range of activities ranging from introductions to archery, to gastronomic tastings and narrated tours, the castle ensures to captivate the attention of everyone, whatever their ages or interests. . Young and old, history enthusiasts or simply curious, everyone will leave with memorable memories of their visit.

Plan your visit to Reinhardstein Castle

Let yourself be captivated by the historic charm of Reinhardstein Castle. Between cultural adventure, fun activities and local gastronomy, each moment spent here becomes a memory engraved forever. Book your visit and experience the history of the Ardennes in a unique way.