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“Yoga Retreat” Stay

Immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity with our yoga retreat, where body and mind come together in perfect harmony.

From 398,00 €

What is included?

2 people
1 night
1 meal
Wellness access included

Your yoga retreat in the heart of nature

This stay includes :

  • One night’s accommodation in a classic double room
  • Corner breakfast
  • Yoga class (1 hour)
  • Unlimited access to the wellness centre
  • Evening meal in a brasserie (15€ voucher, excluding drinks)
  • Lunch pack for your nature walk (sandwich, water, fruit)
  • Bath set available (bathrobe, slippers, towel)

Extra charge :

  • Treatments to be booked according to your choice
  • If you wish to practise yoga with the alpacas (25€ per session)
  • Parking (3€/vehicle)

Walking books and advice on the most beautiful walks are available from the hotel reception. Don’t hesitate to let us guide you.

Availability of this offer

Price for one night during the week (arrival possible between Sunday and Thursday), excluding weekends and school holidays :

  • 398 € / 2 pers.

Price for an overnight stay on Fridays, Saturdays, public holidays…

  • 598€ / 2 pers.

Yoga Retreat in Belgium : A relaxing stay at Domaine des Hautes Fagnes

Remove yourself from the hectic pace of daily life to immerse yourself in a period of focus on well-being, meditation and yoga practice.

Recharge your batteries in the heart of nature

Live a soothing experience with our Yoga Retreat stay in the Belgian Ardennes. Nestled in this verdant natural landscape, our stay offers much more than just a retreat: it invites you to balance your mind, body and soul with guided yoga sessions amidst lush nature.

The tranquility of the landscape adds a therapeutic dimension to your retreat, intensifying the feeling of wholeness and relaxation.

The opportunity to leave stress behind and discover inner harmony by reconnecting with yourself in a rejuvenating setting!

Yoga among the Alpacas : A unique experience

We offer you a unique opportunity : practice yoga in the heart of our alpaca park. Immerse yourself in a moment of deep relaxation by carrying out your session in the company of these peaceful and curious animals. Under the supervision of our yoga teacher, install your mat in this natural sanctuary where the alpacas, in semi-freedom, can approach if their curiosity is piqued.

The gentle presence of these animals adds a dimension of calm to your practice, allowing an even deeper immersion in the present moment. Make sure you wear comfortable yoga clothing and suitable shoes, either sports or yoga. The well-being of our animals and your safety are our priority, which is why instructions will be given at the start of each session to ensure perfect harmony between the participants and our dear alpacas.

The combination of yoga practice and the presence of alpacas guarantees you a truly unique experience, combining the best of both worlds to offer a moment of relaxation, connection and joy.

What is a Yoga Retreat ?

It is a time to refocus, rejuvenate and provide space to explore your personal and spiritual development. At our yoga retreat, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in revitalizing yoga sessions, practice meditation and recharge your batteries in a peaceful setting.

What are the benefits of a Yoga Retreat ?

Inner Balance : A yoga retreat offers you the opportunity to create balance between your mind, body and soul through carefully designed yoga and meditation practices.

Stress Reduction : Immersing yourself in a yoga retreat allows you to step away from sources of stress and engage in practices that promote deep relaxation.

Connectivity : Explore the deep connection between your body and mind through yoga sessions that encourage awareness and presence.

Energetic Renewal : Yoga practices, conscious breathing and moments of meditation allow you to recharge your energies, leaving you revitalized and ready to face your daily challenges.

Personal growth : Yoga retreats provide a space for introspection and personal development. You can explore your thoughts, emotions and aspirations, thereby promoting meaningful inner growth.

Who is our Yoga Retreat for ?

Our yoga retreat, focused on well-being, is aimed at anyone looking to balance their mind and body. Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, a yoga retreat offers a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to immerse yourself in restorative yoga practices.

It is an ideal experience for those looking to escape stress to explore their inner well-being in an environment conducive to relaxation. Whether you are looking for tranquility, personal development or simply a break for yourself, a yoga retreat offers a valuable opportunity to reconnect with your inner self.

Book your Yoga Retreat stay in Belgium at Domaine des Hautes Fagnes

By choosing our yoga retreat, you dedicate yourself to your well-being and personal development. Within our calming, lush setting, you will be guided by instructors through restorative yoga sessions, reflective moments of meditation, and retreat practices that bring depth to your experience.

This experience offers much more than just a getaway, it opens the door to an inner transformation and the discovery of inner peace in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. You can also enjoy a gourmet breakfast and our wellness centre.

For more information about our stay, do not hesitate to contact us.