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Yoga sessions in the alpaca park

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Yoga and Alpacas : A communion with the nature of the High Fens

At the heart of this land of history and mystery that is the High Fens plateau, a unique experience awaits you. Imagine yourself rolling out your yoga mat in the middle of this wild landscape, surrounded by the soothing songs of birds, the rustling of leaves and the gentle presence of alpacas.

These serene creatures, coupled with the tranquility of nature, intensify your practice, providing you with an unrivaled moment of meditation and connection.

Every inhale brings you closer to nature, every exhale strengthens your bond with these fascinating companions. Yoga in High Fens is not just a practice, it is a communion with the earth and the soul.

Discover a unique yoga experience

Immerse yourself in a yoga experience that transcends the daily routine. The Domaine des Hautes Fagnes invites you to experience a unique yoga session in the heart of nature, surrounded by our peaceful alpacas.

Spiritual and physical cohesion

Just like our yoga retreats, our alpaca park offers an inspiring natural setting. The beauty of the Ardennes landscapes wonderfully complements the serenity brought by the company of alpacas, offering an ideal setting for meditation and well-being.

Why choose Yoga with Alpacas ?

A soothing atmosphere

Interacting with alpacas stimulates mental well-being, brings deep relaxation and improves concentration during your yoga postures.

Breaking out of the routine

Like our alpaca stays, practicing yoga in such an exceptional environment is a unique way to break the routine.

Developing Connections

Practicing yoga with alpacas promotes the creation of stronger bonds, not only with these fascinating animals but also between participants.

The benefits of a Yoga Session at Domaine des Hautes Fagnes

A naturally inspiring setting

Let the natural beauty of the High Fens elevate your yoga practice to the next level.

Modern infrastructure

We have modern facilities to accommodate all your activities, including outdoor yoga sessions, while ensuring your comfort.

Cultivate serenity and camaraderie

After your session, relax in the warm atmosphere of our brasserie. Whether for a refreshing drink or a well-deserved meal, our dining areas offer the ideal place to exchange and share your experience.

Other activities to discover

In addition to yoga with alpacas, discover other memorable activities at Domaine des Hautes Fagnes, from invigorating walks to well-being workshops. Each activity is designed to strengthen the connection with nature and yourself.

Book your Yoga Session with the Alpacas

Don’t miss this unique chance to combine well-being, nature and the soothing presence of alpacas. With our commitment to providing authentic experiences, we ensure an unforgettable time. Book your yoga session now in the magnificent setting of the Belgian Ardennes.